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Selling Solutions 

Cash Offers (Instant Sales)

When an institutional buyer, also known as an Instant Buyer or iBuyer, purchases a home from a private seller, this is called an Instant Sale. It usually has a short closing period with service fees involved that are comparable to the amount for an agent's commission.

Genovations Realty compares the eight major iBuyers in Nashville to get you the best deal. When investors compete, the consumer wins! 

Instant Sales are helpful when a seller values convenience or has time constraints. No showings, no open houses. Not all properties apply. 

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Modern Bridge

Clients can use Modern Bridge to facilitate the transaction when they want to buy a new home and have a home to sell. Modern Bridge is a process where a Power Buyer temporarily purchases the client's old house and provides the client with the funds to buy the new home with cash.  

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Listing Concierge

Selling a house can take a lot of work for your client. To remove stress, Listing Concierge takes care of the preps, repairs, and staging of the client's house on their behalf. The client pays at closing! 

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Buying Solutions

Cash Offers

When clients want the power of cash behind their offer can use a Power Buyer to fuel this desire. Cash Offers turn a client's traditional loan-based offer into a cash offer. Clients who use Cash Offers are seven times more likely to have their bids accepted. 

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Homeownership Accelerator

Buying a home is a challenge for some, either due to a lack of creditworthiness or a down payment. The Homeownership Accelerator solution lets your client use their rental fees to build towards a down payment and increase their credit score. 

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